ID Forgery Detection

Sophisticatedly forged ID documents are hard to detect by human eyes. ADVANCE ID Forgery Detection, which enables to detect all common types of forged or altered ID documents by using precise machine-learning models, can solve such problem effectively.

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Product features

Assurance of identity authenticity

It is an essential complement to biometric verification and authentication.

Frictionless user experience

It has an easy-to-use operator interface, and the user can finish the whole detecting process within seconds.

Cost reduction

Fully automated detecting process can offload human stuff from performing the checks.

More robust anti-fraud due diligence

Provide additional anti-fraud rule configuration options, enabling financial institutions to perform a comprehensive fraud check.

Business significance

Lower fraud risks and enhance the efficiency of businesses.

How does ADVANCE ID Forgery Detection work?

ID document submission

Scan the ID card as an image to the system.


Information extraction

Extract the information from the ID card image via OCR technology.


ID forgery detection

Detect and determine whether the ID card image is forged or not by using AI technology.


Result output

Output the result and reject the forged ID card application.

Use scenarios
Face biometric authentication can verify whether the user is real person by detecting the simple facial movements
Face biometric authentication

Loan application fraud detection

Check the authenticity of the applicant's ID documents.

Remote customer onboarding can reach your customer via an automatic process
Remote customer onboarding Remote customer onboarding

AML & KYC Compliance

Process the verifying actions with AML/KYC regulations.

Biometrics-based device login allows people to log in a device by identifying and authenticating their biometric data
Biometrics-based device login Biometrics-based device login

Customer onboarding

Verify customer's identity and prevent the potential fraud risks.

Physical access systems can replace traditional security systems with its access based on facial movements and face images
Physical access systems Physical access systems

Account security check

Make confirmation of the applicant's identity.

What makes ADVANCE ID Forgery Detection different?

Automated workflow

Our data scientists ensure a smoothly automated workflow to detect forgery by using the best performing models and ingesting the accurate and appropriate data constantly.


Capable of detecting multiple forgery patterns

Enable to recognize the forgery patterns which are hard to observe by human eyes, such as B&W/Photocopy; photos were taken by webcam; images were applied with a filter; blurred or covered images, different face image position, card colour and corner chape.


High accuracy

Forgery detecting can achieve as high as 99% accuracy.


Performing quickly

The system performs up to 10 images/s.


Convenience for Concurrency

Support high concurrency and do not have scalability issue.


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