ADVANCE Face Search

ADVANCE Face Search is used to detect identity fraud in the transaction and avoid further fraud actions. It especially applies to the country where lacks access to the official residents’ face information, such as India. The core workflow of this product contains searching the face database for similar faces and returning the similarities evaluation.

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Product features

Advanced technology

Combine advanced AI-powered facial recognition technology and big data service.


Unique database

The database is the exclusive advantage of ADVANCE.AI.


Adapting to various scenarios

Enable to adapt to different industries when needed.

How does ADVANCE Face Search work?

Data input

Log in to Face Search and take a photo with his/her ID card that holds in the hands.


Data searching

Search the data in ADVANCE.AI’s exclusive database.


Result output

Get noticed “pass” or “similar face” under different ID cards detection.

Use scenarios

Preventing fraud in financial industry

Match the applicant’s face photo against records and detect whether different national ID card information exits.


Face-Based gate control

Match the visitor’s face photo in the database through image comparison, to prevent risk and fraud in advance.

What makes ADVANCE Face Search different?

High accuracy

Achieve 98% accuracy on 2 MB images.


Low latency

Respond time is less than 1 second.


High robustness

Support to take photos in complicated backgrounds, different lighting conditions and various rotation angles.


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