ADVANCE.AI helps fintech companies enhance work efficiency and reduces the labour cost. With sophisticated experiences in AI technologies, data-driven business, ADVANCE.AI eyes bigger future and devotes to revving up the digitalisation of the financial industry in the emerging countries.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit fintech?

Managing risk across the industry

Prevent fraud intelligently and cost-effectively.

Reducing the cost

Automate the workflow and reduce the labour cost.

Complying with regulatory requirements

Utilise new technology to facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirements.

Increasing benefits

Improve financial technology to a certain extent and reap benefits.

Recommended products and solutions
Use scenarios

Customer service bots

NLP-based chatbots help customers create financial plans and control their spendings.

Fraud detection

Detect anomalies in real-time and identify hidden fraudulent activities via AI technologies and machine learning algorithms.

Predictive analytics

Enable to make faster predictions of future trends by capturing, processing and analysing massive data sets promptly.

NLP search

Sift through internal company data and help clients search for transactions.

Algorithmic trading

Reduce misjudgment caused by human’s emotions and go along with predefined rules to trade.

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