ADVANCE.AI's technologies help travel-related organizations reduce fraud and expedite the mobile check-in process, quickly verifying the digital identities of travellers.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit travel?

Creating community trust and safety

ADVANCE AI’s AI-driven identity verification solutions instil trust and safety in the business ecosystem.

Decreasing abandonment rates

Creat quickly and effortless check-in/out experiences and minimise the likelihood that users will abandon the payment before the transaction completed.

Preventing credit fraud

Our AI-driven technology has been widely adopted by leading companies in the travel industry to verify identity documents and fraud.

Recommended Products and Solutions
Use scenarios

Hotel check-in/out

Eliminate laborious manual data entry and increase the satisfaction of customer experience.

International terminal check-in

Meet security requirements, while passengers are able to enjoy a quick and streamlined boarding experience.

Travel booking

Create fast and effortless checkout experiences with the online system.

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