Based on massively big data and risk management technology, we provide e-commerce clients with a personalised anti-fraud protection system, helping identify cybercrimes and fraud acts in a real-time manner and reducing risk and loss caused by fraud.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit e-commerce?

Building trust on platforms

With the identity verification process, the users’facial biometrics will be analysed to find out whether they match the person in the ID or not.

Optimising user onboarding

Help remove the friction at the account opening by finding out whether a government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent.

Setting up chargeback prevention initiatives

Keep legitimate users on track with their purchase whilst minimising the risk of chargebacks.

Recommended products and solutions
Use scenarios


Eliminate fund losses caused by SMS bombing, data crawling, marketing fraud and other malicious competition.


Help identify click farms, malicious negative comments and other potential fraud risks of businesses.


Help avoid false registration, account theft, theft card payment and other risks in client scenarios.

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