Not only improve the quality and efficiency of patient service but to ensure that hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories protect sensitive medical information, test results and prescriptions by only allowing access to actual patients.

How does ADVANCE.AI benefit healthcare?

Identity detection

Make sure the authenticity of creating an account or ordering a prescription online.

Insurance fraud protection

Avoid fraudulent insurance claims and protect patient's identity and private.

Online prescriptions management

Process automation technology speeds up the process of creating an online account or refilling online prescriptions.

Recommended products and solutions
Use scenarios

Online pharmacies

Help verify patients' identity and age in order to comply with the regulation's requirement.

Patient intake

Boost efficiency of collecting information from new and returning patients prior to their visit and reduce manually operated errors.

Preventing insurance fraud

Detect personal connections between individuals who are involved in different aspects of a claim in order to recognise anomalies.

Reputation management

Show patients that their private information is well protected.

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