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Welcome to our security team!

Started in 2019, we mainly take responsibility for ensuring the security of ADVANCE.AI. As professional technicists, we believe that the power of technology guarantees our business securer. Below you can find the different services we provide.

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Security compliance

Security compliance is a legal concern for organisations in a number of industries nowadays. Regulatory standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 prescribe recommendations for protecting data and improving information security management in enterprises. In demonstrating security compliance, it is highly advised that enterprises are capable of defining and achieving the specific IT security goals as well as mitigating the threat of network attacks through processes, for example, vulnerability management. In some cases, such as with HIPAA, the failure in achieving and maintaining security compliance can result in financial and legal penalties.

Risk assessment

A Security Risk Assessment (SRA) is an assessment that involves identifying the risks in your company, technology, and processes, to verify if the controls are in place to safeguard against security threats. SRA is performed by a security assessor who evaluates all aspects of the company’s system to identify all areas of potential risks, which might be as simple as the weak passwords of a system, or could be more complex issues, such as insecure business processes. Typically, the assessor will review every aspect to identify the potential risks, from HR policies to firewall configurations.

Security research

The team of ADVANCE.AI security research is to improve the security knowledge and capabilities of our community, customers, products, and programs. Our team is experienced in conducting research in significant areas for different industries, such as security & privacy in big data, cloud security, security in social networks, security predictive analytics, cyber-physical systems, security & dependability, business applications, as well as trust, privacy & cybersecurity risks. We are always passionate and excited to conduct professional research that helps our clients.

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