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Pay as you go

Top up the account and pay for what you consume.

Daily/Monthly plan

Prepay for future usage by QPS capacity.

Purchase licenses

Pay for a licenses period as you go with no upfront costs or long-term investments.

All plans cover the basics

24/7 support

Provide ongoing technical support for critical issues.

Regular updates

Release innovative updates every 3-6 weeks.

One-stop inquiry service

Provide one-stop inquiry service to help understand the product and consumption situation quickly.

Self-service inpayment

Through SaaS self-service operation, add minutes to your account quickly and in-time.

Reminder service

Remind account balance and monthly bill via e-mail.

Service report

Send monthly/quarterly/half-yearly service reports to display the statistical analysis of product calls.

Sub-account management

Manage multiple sub-accounts simultaneously and flexibly.

Online self-service test

Get test results quickly through SaaS self-service operation.

New product launch reminder

Set reminders for the launch date, product details preview via e-mail and get free trials of new products.

Premium Service-Level Agreement(SLA)

ADVANCE.AI experienced specialist team offers a premium Service Level Agreement (SLA) that provides a tailored service with high response and resolution commitment levels.

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