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Enhanced Anisotropic Diffusion-based CNN-LSTM Architecture for Video Face Liveness Detection


iot and security

Author:aml policy and procedures    fingerprint biometric authentication

Keywords:define identity fraud,    customer risk rating matrix,    '+hyperverge,    fraud identity fraud,    customer due diligence measures,  kyc problem


Face Liveness Detection by Brightness Difference
The article offers information on the Finovatefall convention that as held in New York. It mentions that the audience includes investors, financial companies and competitors. It mentions that innovation is popular in biometrics. It offers information on the consumer application that read the facial biometrics of the users.
same size as a credit card. It is used primarily to confirm the identity of the user by carrying out a challenge/response activity within the card. Because the device is electronic in nature, it either generates a value in response to an input data or it generates a time-sensitive value. The strength of this kind of system lies in its strong cryptographic protocol which makes it almost impossible to compromise. The major threat to this device is that it could easily be stolen because of its compact size. The risk of the theft of the token can be offset through the use of multiple-factor authentication.Another new method employed to enforce authentication is the implementation of a biometrics-based authentication system. Biometrics-based authentication systems are the most sophisticated authentication type, often referred to as Type 3 (Table 1)7. Biometrics authentication is mainly used by large security-conscious entities such as the banking and other related financial institutions for regulating access to sensitive information. Most biometric systems can be adjusted to be highly sensitive (which is slower, may require

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