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Database of iris printouts and its application: Development of liveness detection method for iris recognition


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Fingerprint Spoofing and Liveness Detection: A Multidisciplinary Approach
The article offers guidelines for detection and prevention of insurance fraud using forensic intelligence. Two proven methods are being used in the auto insurance industry to prevent injury fraud. A number of steps are employed when using the forensic intelligence approach in an auto insurer's claim operation. Several factors must be considered when applying forensic intelligence to automobile insurance claims.
Face Liveness Detection is an anti-spoofing technique used to occlude the attacks on face recognition and verification systems. Total variation flow is a real time and an extrusive method for detecting photograph and video spoofs. It is based on the variation in the surface properties of the diffusion speeds of real and fake faces in a single image. It involves determining the local patterns of the diffusion speed of the sampled image. This method uses the invariants obtained in the illumination of the image which is further used for face identification systems.

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