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Fingerprint liveness detection based on Weber Local image Descriptor


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Research on Face Liveness Detection Method Based on Image Color LBP Features
Consider a pharmaceutical trial where the consequences of different decisions are expressed on a financial scale. The efficacy of the new drug under consideration has a prior distribution obtained from the underlying biological process, animal experiments, clinical experience, and so forth. Berry and Ho (Biometrics 44, 219-227) show how these components are used to establish an optimal (Bayes) sequential testing procedure, assuming a known constant sample size at each decision point. We show in this article how it is also possible to optimize further, with respect to the sample-size rule. This last component of the design, which is missing from most sequential procedures, has the potential to yield considerably larger expected net gains (equivalently, considerably smaller Bayes risks).
The article reports on the financial results for 2006, released by Pacific Biometrics Inc. (PBI), a leading provider of specialized central laboratory and contract research services in Seattle, Washington. The company's revenues for the year ended June 30 reach a total of ,750,023. In addition, the company's CEO Ron Helm says that 2006 has proven to be the best year ever recorded in PBI's history.

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