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System, method and apparatus for biometric liveness detection


enhanced due diligence attributes

Author:identity fraud uk    kyc banks

Keywords:kyc policy,    pep and sanctions screening,    biological biometrics,    free identity check,    jumio singapore,  api face recognition


Encryption and distribution of health-related data
Credit card fraud is an ongoing problem for almost all industries in the world, and it raises millions of dollars to the global economy each year. Therefore, there is a number of research either completed or proceeding in order to detect these kinds of frauds in the industry. These researches generally use rule-based or novel artificial intelligence approaches to find eligible solutions. The ultimate goal of this paper is to summarize state-of-the-art approaches to fraud detection using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. While summarizing, we will categorize the common problems such as imbalanced dataset, real time working scenarios, and feature engineering challenges that almost all research works encounter, and identify general approaches to solve them. The imbalanced dataset problem occurs because the number of legitimate transactions is much higher than the fraudulent ones whereas applying the right feature engineering is substantial as the features obtained from the industries are limited, and applying feature engineering methods and reforming the dataset is crucial. Also, adapting the detection system to real time scenarios is a challenge since the number of credit card transactions in a limited time period is very high. In addition, we will discuss how evaluation metrics and machine learning methods differentiate among each research.
In the modern, developed world people accept that they need to be able to prove their identity when interacting with the state or with private entities such as banks. Authentication is at the heart of accessing rights and services, including education, employment, financial services, voting and benefit transfers.

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